TAIE Staff

Chief Director of Offices:

Mr. Raymond Lee (Cantonese/Mandarin/English)
Tel: 416-368-2882
Email: raymondlee@taie.ca

Education Marketing Office:

Mr. Truman Wong
Tel: 416-368-2882
Email: truman@taie.ca

Mr. Morgan Wong
Tel: 416-703-4131
Email: morgan@taie.ca

Ms.Katia Chistyakova (Russian/English)

Tel: 416-368-2882 Ext.20
Email: katia@taie.ca
Skype: katia.chistyakova

Mr.Diwakar Sharma(Hindi/Punjabi/Gujrah/English)
International Recruitment Officer(South East Asia and Middle East Region)
Tel: 416-368-2882 Ext.21
Email: danny@taie.ca

Mr.Fola Lawal
Marketing Project Officer(Africa Region)
Tel: 416-368-2882 Ext.25
Email: fola.lawal@taie.ca

Educational Associate for Korea

Miss Chloe Park(Korean/English)
Marketing Project Officer

Academic Counseling Office:

Tel: 416-368-2882
Email: saira@taie.ca

Admission Office:

Ms.Bella Gao
Tel: 416-368-2882
Email: bella@taie.ca

Education Administrator:

Mrs. Brenda Macdonald
Tel: 416-368-2882
Email: brenda@taie.ca

Finance/Accounting Office:

Ms. Irene Lee
Tel: 416-368-2882
Email: irene@taie.ca

TAIE Beijing Office

Contact Person: Truman & Lei Huikun
Email: beijing@taie.ca

Suite 6D, Building A, Oriental Kenzo,

48 Dongzhimen Waidajie, Dongcheng district,

Beijing, P.R. China

Postal Code:100027

Tel 10-84477517, 10-84477617

Fax : 010-64160209 or 10-84477893

Celler: 86-13681332145 or 86-13822251276

TAIE Hong Kong Office

Contact Person: Mr. Tackie Chan
Email: tackie@taie.ca

Flat 1, 2/F., Honour House, 375-381 Nathan Rd.,
Yaumatei, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2710-9108
Fax:(852) 2770 4478