TAIE believes in providing its students with a quality education to create a customized but well planned course of study while completing the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

    Academic Program:
    TAIE offers both ESL and university preparatory courses.  All of these credit courses follow the Ontario Ministry of Education guidelines.  ESL courses are offered at varying degrees of difficulty – ESLAO, BO, CO, DO and EO – in preparation for ENG4U, English, Grade 12, which is required for university entrance.  A full-range of other Ontario credit courses is offered at the Ontario Grade 12 level in a variety disciplines: English, mathematics, science, business, Canadian and world studies, computer studies, social sciences, visual arts, civics and career studies.

    Our highly qualified teaching staff works closely with students to help them to develop academic skills for success in higher learning and life:  study and exam prep; project and time management; research and critical thinking; and self-directed learning and teamwork.

    Location: Toronto, Canada

    Goals and Objectives:
    TAIE is a full-service school that provides a strong academic program that aims to prepare students well for the university experience.  The TAIE experience supports students in gaining the knowledge, skills and values that will help them to reach their full potential and to gain admission to the university program of their choice.  TAIE’s outside-of-school activities are fun and friendly opportunities that build community spirit and enhance involvement in the Canadian experience.

    Terms: Monthly, Semester, Academic Year, throughout the year

    Programs Duration:

    TAIE offers year-round education based on 6 semesters throughout the calendar year.  ESL courses are 4 weeks in duration. Grade 12 courses are one semester long – 8 weeks in duration.  Courses are offered in the morning, afternoon and evening.  On the weekends, special English-language proficiency preparation courses and testing are available at extra cost.  These include: the Canadian Academic English Language Assessment (CAEL), the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).

    TAIE – Top 10 Advantages
    1. warm, supportive learning environment
    2.caring, skilled and qualified faculty
    3. helpful, knowledgeable and multilingual staff
    4. personalized academic program planning and assistance with university exploration and the admissions process
    5. 14-year history of success in delivering high-quality educational programs
    6. established partnerships with Canadian universities
    7. proven track record of acceptance to post-secondary institutions (both colleges and universities)
    8. fun, outside-of-class activity program such as monthly birthday parties, sporting events, Christmas concert, ultural excursions
    9.competitive tuition and fees
    10. year-round education, flexible timetable

    Toronto , Canada – Top 10 Advantages
    1. high standard of  living and quality of  life: rated 2nd in the world by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). Click here to read more: http://news.nationalpost.com/2011/05/24/canada-scores-near-the-top-of-quality-of-life-index-study/
    2. world-class city, 5th-largest city in North America; safe and clean; excellent public transit system
    3. gateway to North America: ¼ of Canada’s population is within 160 km and 60% of the US population is a 1.5 hour flight away
    4. educated and skilled workforce: 58% possess a post-secondary degree
    5. diversified and stable economy; business, financial services and law headquarters; renowned health care and medical research centre
    6. internationally-ranked reputation of post-secondary institutions:  3 universities and 5 colleges in Toronto and many more with an hour’s drive
    7. diverse multicultural and multilingual environment:  over 100 languages and dialects spoken by residents
    8. situated on beautiful Lake Ontario; vast and varied all-season recreational opportunities; excellent public parks system and biking paths
    9. rich cultural, entertainment and sporting attractions that include major league baseball, basketball and hockey; the Canadian Opera Company, the Canadian National Ballet, and many theatre groups; Art Gallery of Ontario, Royal Ontario Museum, Science Centre
    10. many diverse neighbourhoods, coffee shops and restaurants to explore; welcoming community that respects the unique heritage, identity and cultural mosaic of its inhabitants; friendly and helpful people. Click here to find out more about the city of Toronto and all it has to offer: http://www.toronto.ca/quality_of_life/index.htm