Pick Up

1.   TAIE International Institute can provide airport pick-up services at Toronto Pearson International Airport for both Terminal 1 and 3.

2.    In order for students to have plenty of time to adjust to jetlag, prepare for the placement test, and purchase any last-minute back-to-school supplies before the beginning of their semester, we strongly suggest that every international student arrive on or before the dates mentioned above.  Students who come on the designated days will also be able to enjoy a 20-minute quick tour around downtown Toronto free of charge.

3.    If you would like to take advantage of this pick-up service, you must first subscribe to our “Commencement Service” and pay the $150 fee before your departure.  Please remember to notify your contracted agent/office regarding your date selection when you apply for the service.

4.   Arrival on another date is always welcome, and the pick-up service can also be arranged without additional charge.  If, for any reason, the dates mentioned above conflict with your planned schedule, please feel free to choose any other date that suits your needs.  However, we guarantee only to the students who arrive on or before the recommended date that they will experience a smoother registration process, and be fully prepared to start their class on time.

5.    Our pick-up service is available year-round, and TAIE’s registration office hours are Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.  However, the school’s office is closed during Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.  As a result, please be advised that students who arrive after office hours may experience a delay in the registration process.