Welcome to TAIE

On behalf of the faculty and staff - welcome to TAIE International Institute!
Today in our shrinking global community, English language education is in ever increasing demand. The world recognizes that Canada is not only a world leader in education, but that Canada, as a society, has a reputation as an ideal country in which they can live, grow and plan a future. This reputation stems from the fact that Canadians are not only viewed as being industrious and polite, but also tolerant, accepting and peace loving people who promote human dignity, which are indeed the values that are universally admired.

TAIE, after being inspected by the Ontario Ministry of Education, was given approval to grant Ontario Graduation Credits, and award the Ontario Graduation Diploma to its graduating students. We are truly proud to offer the opportunity for international students from around the world, to come to Canada and immerse themselves in our comprehensive English based study programs, while also experiencing the true societal advantages which Canadian values provide. Successful Graduates of TAIE earn the Ontario Secondary School Graduation Diploma and with the assistance of our Guidance and Career Counselors, will have the opportunity for further studies in one of Canada's famed Universities.

TAIE offers this unique learning opportunity directly in the heart of one of Canada’s most vibrant, dynamic and diverse cities; Toronto, Ontario. Students from China, South Korea, Nigeria, Mexico, Bangladesh to mention but a few, board within a comfortable walking commute to TAIE's educational campus.

Certainly TAIE is committed to providing an authentic Ontario educational experience as a stepping stone towards a bright future. We are also committed to offer the opportunity for students to engage in personal interest and social activities through our school's extra-curricular activities. These activities build personal bonds which last a lifetime.

We invite you to use the contact information provided to telephone, email, or even better, arrange an opportunity to come for a visit. We look forward to sharing with you how our programs, facility and school culture continues to contribute to our purpose of being a premier international school, where students receive an education which enables their individual career pathway.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to TAIE International institute.

20 Years of making a positive difference in the lives of International Students.

Yours sincerely,
Mr. Hargreaves