Welcome to TAIE

On behalf of the faculty and staff - welcome to TAIE International Institute!
TAIE is a full-service school that prepares students for college and university entrance in Canada and the United States. Accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, we offer comprehensive programs that include a widerange of High School Courses as well as beginning ESL to advanced English courses.
Our highly qualified and caring teachers are skilled at planning learning activities to help students gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes that will enable them to be successful on their future educational and career paths. Our administrative and support staff go the extra mile to ensure a smooth transition into the school.
You will find that the students at TAIE are kind, friendly, able and hard-working. They are also highly creative, as demonstrated through their artistic, dramatic and musical talents in student-organized special events. Our fantastic Student Union leaders play an integral role in planning fun outings and activities and in making sure that everyone has an enjoyable school experience.
TAIE is a place where individuals are valued for the unique talents and attributes that enrich our school community. We are very proud of our warm and family-like learning and living environment - one that makes students feel they have a 'home away from home'.
Thank you for including us in your search for an international school. It is indeed an honour and a privilege to be part of TAIE as principal. Please contact us so that we may tell you more about the excellent program we have to offer. We hope that you will choose TAIE - a great place to learn, and Toronto - a great place to live!
Yours sincerely,
Angela Phillips