Ontario Secondary School Diploma(OSSD)

Designed for students who wish to obtain a high school diploma in Canada.

Program Introduction

These courses are designed for students who didn’t obtain a high school diploma in their home country.
Students who enrolled in Ontario High School courses will get an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), and can also apply to any Canadian or International University. The main subject area of the high school courses include: English, Mathematics, Business, Arts, Social Science and Computer Science.

In order to get an OSSD, students must obtain 30 secondary school course credits (which include 18 compulsory courses and 12 optional courses). Students need to also finish 10 hours of community involvement per year, and successfully pass the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). Upon presenting the original transcript to the school, international students could have the courses taken in their original country transferred to Ontario secondary school credits.

Students who did not graduate from high school, or who cannot apply to universities because they didn’t obtain a high school diploma from their home country, can choose Ontario secondary school courses. At the same time, these courses are also suitable for those students who want to use their TAIE ENG4U grade to substitute for an English Proficiency Test score to get admitted into university.

Program Requirements
Graduates from middle schools and current course takers for Grades 10,11 and 12 ( or current course takers in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB), O-level) 

Program Features

●Based on the standards of the Ontario Ministry of Education, courses which were taken
  in their home country can be transferred and receive a credit which is required by the OSSD.
●Courses are a total of 110 hours, and can be taken in the morning, afternoon and evening. 
  There is also a flexible schedule and start date, which can help students save energy and time.
●Students can take 12 credits per year.
●Our Academic Guidance Counselor will help students one-on-one and assist them in their personal study plan.

Credit Transfer

The school will evaluate international students’ courses which were taken in their home country; one of the necessary requirements for credit transfer is a complete and official transcript. The school will compare the courses students took in their home country with Canadian courses, and evaluate how many credits the student can get. The following chart shows an estimation of transferred credits for different grades (Note: this chart is only for reference. A final decision will be made when students present their official transcript to the school)