Learning without Boundaries


My campus life - the entire Toronto
TAIE International Institute strives its best to maximize the use of downtown resources. “Learning without Boundary” allows TAIE students to have their vision broaden so that students will not just focus on a closed campus. But instead they will enjoy and use all the resources in the whole city. This is a true experience for a multicultural life in Toronto.
Through “Learning without Boundary”, students at TAIE International Institute can use their after-class time to visit the world-class museums, or to work out in gym facilities at the historic building of Ryerson University, or read at the university library which houses millions of books, and the list goes on. The study abroad experience does not just stop in a classroom or in an enclosed school campus, but encompasses a vision that is much bigger.

Maple Leaf Gardens
Maple Leaf Gardens Gym was built in 1931, more than 20,000 square meters, and the early former base of the Toronto Maple leaf hockey team. It is now reconstructed as a gym in Ryerson University. TAIE International Institute students can enjoy using the gym room, skating rink, and ice hockey facility. A beautiful superstore, Loblaws, is under the gym, and is a good place for students to visit. Maple Leaf Gardens is located diagonal to TAIE's campus, which only needs 30 seconds to access.
TAIE International Institute students can join a membership and have unlimited use of RAMS, where there is a full-sized basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, squash courts and indoor soccer field, athletics track, and swimming pool. TAIE students can also join sports training, yoga, swordplay, and first aid classes held by university students.