Care and love like home
We are aiming to provide our students with the best accommodation possible, so TAIE International Institute provides students with lots of options for accommodation. We let students of different ages and requirements stay in the downtown area, and enjoy an economical and practical life style. At TAIE, we offer a variety of residence options, including a school residence, off-campus housing and home-stay, all of which is managed by the school administration where student's satisfaction and security is taken good care of.

Features of TAIE Accommodation
● Student Residence Coordinators: Will be available for students 24 hours and make sure students will be taken good care of
● Attendance Notification: Provide morning call service. If the teacher does not see the student in class on time, the student residence coordinator will find the student in their room
● Wifi Control: For some students who get addicted to the internet and gaming, wifi control will be in action
● Self-discipline guidance: The school pays high attention to students’development of  their self-disciplined life. The school will check students’ rooms regularly and teach them to develop a regular and healthy lifestyle
● Healthcare: The school will take students to clinic or hospital when students feel uncomfortable. We make sure students get proper treatment in time
● Abundant Residency Life: The staffs at the residence and the students will work together and coordinate activities in the residence. These activities help students get connected and they can learn the different cultures from their roommates too
●  Supervision of Living Expenses: Parents can deposit their child’s living expenses to the school in the student’s account. The school will transfer the money to the students on regular basis. This is a good lesson for money management

    *We are proud to have Canada Homestay Network to be our homestay service provider.