Meal Plan

Not just food, but nutritious meal
Health and Safety, Well balanced nutrition
Our school’s restaurant is located on the first floor of the accommodation building, which is a modern-design restaurant under the supervision of the Public Health Department in the City of Toronto. The restaurant provides students breakfast, lunch and evening meals 7 days a week. The recipes are elaborately designed and cooked by professional chefs and the ingredients are fresh and healthy. We promise to parents that all the students can enjoy a variety of tasty and healthy food.

Multiple diet options, Healthy and Delicious
The restaurant provides different kinds of Western and Asian food. We also provide special meals to students such as vegetarian meal and other dietary requirements of different religions. We aim to guarantee safe and good-tasting meals for students. For every meal, we provide both a Western and Asian menu, balancing both meat and vegetables in each diet with recipes varied according to different seasons.

Homestyle Cooking
● Special breakfast Sample menu: Cereal and milk, hash browns, toast and jam, omelet, pasta with ham, sausage, sandwiches, porridge
● Lunch and Dinner Provide multiple menu options with both Western and Asian food with a combination of meat and vegetables
*Meals in Homestay will be provided by the homestay family
*Meals in Parkside residence will be provided by the cafeteria in the residence building