University Counseling

University Counseling
Facing a brand new educational system, and applying for university is a complicated and  nerve-wracking thing. In order to help students pay more attention to their study, every student at TAIE International Institute can enjoy our school's unique“University Counseling Program”, let the school’s guidance counselor help them with problems when applying for university. On the first day of school for our student, the assistance begins; the program lets the students get admitted into university successfully by assisting and guiding them at different stages.
Our professional guidance for students:
● Provides analysis of students' strengths and weaknesses, letting them know where and how they can improve, and helps students choose the most suitable universities and majors.
● Explains the difference between different universities and majors specifically, makes students understand all the different choices.
● Provides information sessions on multiple aspects, lets students meet with university representatives, and understand the latest information.
● Organizes university field trips regularly; lets students experience real university life.
● Helps students apply for university, making sure students go through the process from A to Z, and submit all the needed documents to meet the deadline.
● Based on students’ needs, makes personal study plan and university application procedure for the students.