Academic Counseling

Academic Counseling
At TAIE International Institute, students not only get assistance from teachers in class, but they also get academic guidance after class hours. We provide students with one-on-one academic counseling and we help students form study groups. Students will get in touch with more local students, and aside from academic help, will be assimilated into their circle, and get well prepared for university life. Meanwhile, students can feel free to join in course tutoring sessions offered by faculties in the after-school time. We strive our best to make sure students get the biggest improvement in their study. 

Features of Academic Counseling at TAIE:
● Students can receive one-on-one academic counseling and tutoring organized by faculties,  TAIE graduates, and current university course takers
● Focus is on student's strengths and weaknesses and the making of a reasonable study plan and goals
● Learning strategies are even more important than marks. We help students gain study skills that benefit them for future academic goals
● Students can get teacher's counseling and assistance at any time during or after school time
● The team will guide students closely and equip students with correct values and a positive attitude of learning