Connecting with Parents

Makes parents feel like they are right beside their kids

TAIE International Institute wishes to build and maintain a good connection and communication  between school and parent.  by providing students’ feedback to parents on time. We will let parents from the other side of the world know about the life of their kids in Canada. And we, together with parent, will give students the best support and encouragement.

Connecting with parents
● The school will give student feedback to parents on a regular basis and parents can email or call the school at any time.
● Parents can understand students’ in-class performance, course grades and teachers’comments by using an online platform (Student Tracking System)
● The Principal will contact parents by email, telephone or in a video call in some special circumstances
● The school encourages parents to come to visit students in Canada; the school will take care of the invitation letter, pick up, accommodation and other traveling arrangements.