Frequently Asked Questions


Are scores getting in TAIE recognized?

TAIE Is a school registered in Ontario Ministry of Education, students will get transcript issued by Ontario Ministry of Education
after completing all courses. Senior high school students can also get an Ontario Secondary School Diploma, which is
recognized by all universities in Canada and America. Students can apply to any universities in Canada by using their scores at

Is TAIE a private or public school?What are the advantages?

1. Private schools can have many terms of language courses and it has language courses specially tailored for international
2. Private schools usually have small class size.
3. Private schools have dormitories and have professional life guide teachers being responsible for daily life of students.
4. The setting up of terms and courses are better tailored for international students.
5. Students who are over 18 years of old can be enrolled.
6. Flexible classes can meet requirements of students of different backgrounds and conditions. 

How long will it take for each program?

ESL Courses: 1 to 5 months
Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program (Senior1): two years (Including ESL)
Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program (Current Senior-2 and Senior-3 student): one to one and a half years.
UPC:1 to 4 months (Plus ESL Courses) 
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