Great News! The new downtown campus of TAIE International InDATE : 2017-02-28

【Report from our correspondent】TAIE International Institute greeted its milestone day on Jan 3 when the new downtown campus of the school was put to use. The occasion has laid a solid foundation for the scale and status of TAIE International Institute among the international education market of Toronto.
  The new campus of TAIE International Institute is located in the most flourishing region of downtown Toronto, and it is close to Ryerson University and Maple Leaf IGarden. With underground garage and 4 stories on top, the new campus has over 30,000 square feet of teaching and leisure space, everything needed such as multi-media classroom, auditorium, music and dance studio, and art room are included. Its whole-floor leisure area in the basement is also a popular gathering spot for students.

  Finding indicates the new campus of TAIE International Institute is 5 times larger than the current campus; the preparation work for the new campus has lasted for a whole year with over one million of Canadian dollars of cost. With regard to the huge investment, the president of TAIE International Institute, Mr. Truman answered: “we dedicated to create a better and perfect campus for our students, so we have designs that no other schools dare to adopt. For example, we reduced the number of classrooms for larger student resting area, we built music and dance studio, we arranged one of the highest standards of teachings resources such as full-automatic projection screen, electronic white board, concert-leveled acoustic system and use a whole floor of basement space to create one-of-a-kind cozy and stylish resting area. In spite of the considerable expense, we believe it is worthwhile when we see the joy in the eyes of our students.”

  Indeed, on the day the new campus was first opened, students’ expectation for the school was changed to pleasant surprise. In their conversation, we often heard adjectives like “high-end”, “perfect”, “spectacular” and “favorite”. No wonder they could not wait to take photos to share this particular happiness with relatives. The modern design, fashionable atmosphere, and the golden geographical location of the new campus have really won the heart of students.

  For an international school that already has over 20 years of history in Toronto, is it really necessary to expand campus on such precious downtown area? Mr. Truman replies, “we truly believe that overseas study shouldn’t be confined to closed campus, they should aim to explore wider space in the city, to experience the humanities and culture of local area and going inside of the community to contact and communicate. This should be the ultimate objective and harvest of overseas study, and this is exactly the environment we actively create for students coming from places around the World. ” According to the findings, most international high schools in Toronto mainly distribute in areas outside city and some congregating in areas with Chinese people living in compact community. Sometimes, students have to commute for several hours to arrive at their campuses, which severely restricted student from experiencing the city. When other schools try to build their campuses outside city, TAIE insisted on having its campus in the most expensive downtown area to let students enjoy the most of rich resources of city experience real Canadian life and culture with other elite students from the World.

  Our correspondent is very fortune to be able to visit of such a perfect school whose design, scientific equipment and each tiny point all let us thoroughly feel the care and responsibilities of the school for every student. We believe TAIE will continue to take its own responsibilities of educating with love and cultivate more excellent overseas students for Canada in the coming future.