Director General of Ontario Immigration Office meets TAIEDATE : 2017-03-02

News reported by correspondent of our newspaper: at the beginning of this month, President of TAIE International Institute met Director General of Ontario Immigration Office—Hon Laura Albanese. They discussed the latest immigration policies and exchanged views about overseas study development. TAIE International Institute was highly regarded by the Director General. 
  Picture:(Left: President of TAIE International Institute Truman Wong; Right: Director General of Ontario Immigration Office Hon Laura Albanese )
  They met in a hotel restaurant of downtown Toronto. The Director General and members of her office attended the gathering, and met responsible person and president of TAIE International Institute Mr. Truman. It was a pleasant occasion for both sides. Hon Laura Albanese expressed her views on the latest immigration data; it is reported that Canadian government will maintain an open immigration policy in the new year, it will accept 300,000 new immigrants, especially those economic-class immigrants, including overseas student, skilled worker immigrants, and investor immigrants, which will accumulate to 172,500 persons in total, accounting for 57.5% of all new immigrants. 
  Economic-class immigration has always been a key immigration type in Canada. Among new immigrants of 2016, over half (about 160,600 persons) entered Canada through economic-class immigration, which includes overseas student immigration, skill worker immigration, business immigration and nursing working immigration. Hon Laura Albanese said that this plays a stimulating role for Canada to absorb talents from the world, boost economic development, and create multi-cultural environment. 
  Hon Laura Albanese expressed earnest concerns about the major immigration group—overseas student, and she exchanged views with president of TAIE International Institute on overseas study development. As responsible person of the largest international boarding high school in downtown Toronto, Mr. Truman said that TAIE International Institute had attracted students from all over the world, 100% of university enrollment rate means that all students have entered their desirable universities or colleges, among which about 90% will apply for Work Permit directly after university graduation and part of those go through procedures about applying immigration. 
  Mr. Truman expressed view regards Canada welcoming attitude toward students, it is reported that the number of current students at TAIE International Institute is around 400, and the number of total accommodated students will expect a double in next year when the new campus of TAIE is formally put to use; TAIE International Institute has developed into one of the largest boarding high schools in downtown Toronto with its own campus and school dormitory. Hon Laura Albanese applauded Truman Wong’s effort and spoke very highly of TAIE International Institute. She would like to fully support and encourage more students to come to Canada to study through this platform and enjoy the authentic multi-cultural atmosphere and academic resources in downtown Toronto.