A letter to students and parentsDATE : 2020-07-15

Dear Students and Parents,
During the past several months, the Ontario Government has worked closely with Public Health Authorities in developing and planning its response to minimize the infection and transmission of COVID19. For schools, the health, safety and well-being of students and staff was, and continues to be a top priority for all decisions.
Since current medical evidence and experience supports the concept that students may return to school in a carefully structured manner that protects the health of students and staff, The Ontario Government recently announced that public funded schools will begin preparing plans for returning students to schools across the province for September, 2020.
Given this directive by the Ontario Government which is supported by Public Health, it will also be TAIE’s intention to commence its planning for the resumption of conventional “In-Class Instruction”.
At this time, TAIE wishes to advise that its return to “In-Class Instruction” will involve a two phase timetable, as well as addressing health and safety concerns that are associated with the return to “In-Class Instruction”. 

TAIE’s Plan for the Recommencement of “In-Class Instruction”:
Section A - Timetable for the Commencement of In-Class Instruction:
ESL Courses:

Semester 1 – August 4th to September 25th.

New students or returning students from overseas are advised to come to Toronto in Mid-August, or at least 2 weeks before the start date of In-Class Instruction for Term 2.
Kindly arrange with the school in advance if you have chosen to stay in the school’s residence.
UPC/OSSD Courses:

Semester 1 – August 4th to September 25th             - On-Line Instruction
Semester 2 – September 28th to November 18th    - In-Class Instruction will begin.
Current TAIE students who are not in Toronto, (students who are currently in their home country), can choose to:

Course Registration:

For course registration, please contact your guidance counselors.
For Non-ESL courses, email your enquiry to jenny.lau@taie.ca (Jenny Lau)    
For ESL courses, email your enquiry to andrea.puljic@taie.ca (Andrea Pulijic)  
Please note that the above arrangements for the recommencement of In-Class Instruction may be amended, altered or delayed if the Government or Public Health feels it is in the best interest of everyone’s safety.
*Students who are newly registered at TAIE should check for boarder access.

Section B - Health and Welfare Initiatives:
As part of TAIE’s Plan for the Recommencement of “In-Class Instruction”, our priority remains the health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff.   
During this process, we will continue to monitor the situation and obtain updates from the government and from the Ministry of Education.
TAIE’s Health and Welfare Planning will be grounded in the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Public Health.  They will focus on such areas as:
     1.  Social Distancing:
                    -  Transportation
                    -  Within the school
                    -  Classroom Instruction
                    -  Cafeteria and lunch
                    -  Common Areas
                    -  Movement within the building
                    -  Break periods
                    -  Engagement – Guidance
     2.  Health Protocols for:

                    - Cleaning
                    -  Illness
                    -  Visitors
                    -  The use of masks
                    -  Arrival at school 
We are anticipating having the Health and Safety Protocols for the Recommencement of In-Class Instruction finalized by in the beginning of August.

Please visit our school’s website or contact us at info@taie.ca for updated information about the class arrangement. 

TAIE International Institute
Date: July 13, 2020