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Student Services Counsellor

Employer: TAIE International Institute

Business Address: 399 Church St, Toronto, ON M5B 2J6

Position: Student Engagement Liaison

Duties: TAIE is looking for an experienced education liaison to work with our diverse parent and student body.  The duties of the engagement liaison will be broad ranging, as TAIE is a private boarding school, and our students will rely on the liaison when they need help or guidance in many areas of their lives. The school will also rely on the liaison to maintain an involvement by parents in their children’s education and behavior, in spite of the students living away from home. The position will involve:
  • Meeting with students one-on-one, in small groups, or as whole classes to assist them with the academic, personal, and behavioral challenges they face. 
  • The liaison is expected to assist the student counsellors in providing information on students’ course selection, and preparation for application to post-secondary studies – this information will be provided in concert to parent and students to assist them in planning studies. 
  • The liaison will also work with students on behavioral issues such as attendance or classroom behavior and involve parents in managing student behavior.
  • The liaison will also help students with issues of personal health, fitness and diet.
  • The liaison may be called upon to assist students with problems of a more personal nature such as family problems, self-esteem, anxiety, homesickness, or anger management
  • Administer and interpret standardized intelligence, personality, vocational, aptitude and interest tests
  • Work with existing student counsellors to improve student achievement
  • Consult primarily with parents, but also with teachers, faculty and other professionals such as psychologists, speech therapists and social workers regarding various issues and concerns, and with administrators and community agencies regarding programs and referrals
  • May be called upon to assist the recruiting team to attract new students
  • Bachelor’s degree in education, social work, or other related filed
  • Minimum 5-10 years working with students in a school setting
  • Experience liaising with parents in a school setting to improve student outcomes required
  • Minimum 5 years providing guidance, advice, or counselling to students
  • Experience in a Secondary school setting an asset
  • Applicant must have experience providing academic support to students either in a teaching or counselling role
  • Experience dealing with student behavior and discipline an asset
  • Experience assisting students with health and fitness needs as asset
  • Experience assisting students with personal or emotional issues an asset
  • Experience administering and interpreting standardized tests an asset
  • Experience liaising with multiple stakeholders in a school setting to improve student outcomes an asset
  • Experience administering a peer counselling program an asset
  • Previous teaching experience an asset
Language: English is the language of instruction at TAIE and is required for this position.  Facility on or more of the common first languages of our student body is also an asset (Mandarin, Korean, Cantonese).

Term of Employment: This is a full-time and permanent position, the role requires working 32 hours a week, usually Monday to Friday, there may occasionally be events or activities scheduled on weekends.  Occasional business travel may be required.

Wages and Benefits: Wage will be commensurate with qualification and experience within a range of $32 - $35 per hour.  Employees may choose to receive health and dental benefits by participating in the company’s group benefit plan

Location: The location of work for this position will be at our school location of 399 Church St, Toronto, Ontario.
Application instructions: Apply through this website, or by emailing your resume, and a cover letter to