Frequently Asked Questions


What type of school is TAIE International Institute?

TAIE International Institute is an international school registered in Ontario Ministry of Education. It mainly enrolls international
students, and is a private school. All courses in TAIE are set up according to requirements of Ontario Ministry of Education, which
will carry out inspection and evaluation about the school every year. So all courses offered in the school are acknowledged by
Canadian universities.

Conditions about students in TAIE?

70% to 90% of students are international students in most international colleges of Canada, our students mainly come from
China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Africa, South America and Middle East. 

Does TAIE offer scholarships?

Our teachers will help excellent students apply for scholarships when they apply for universities. Every year, about 20% of our
students get scholarships of universities, the largest amount of scholarships for them is CAD32,000, some range from a few
thousands Canadian dollars to twenty to thirty thousands of Canadian dollars. Our school will instruct students to apply for
scholarships when their average score of preparatory courses is 80 or higher.
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